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Brief description

Soundscriber is a simple program that supports the process of transcribing digitized audio files. In addition to the regular playback features of programs such as Windows Media Player, it has a number of specific features for transcription work, such as variable playback speed and automatic repeat playback of short segments of the audio file. This feature allows continuous transcription, removing the need to manually play back, re-play, and pause the audio.
The program can play the same files as the Media Player, including wave audio files (.WAV) Video for Windows files (.AVI) and MPEG Layer 3 (.MP3). Note: some program features are not available for all file types.


For a user manual, please refer to the programme's Help menu.


Soundscriber is not available on VU PCs. For home use the program can be downloaded free of charge at

Further remarks

Soundscriber is only suitable for transcribing audio files (e.g. with Word or Notepad). For more advanced transcription capabilities, video transcription and transcription analysis, the faculty uses the program Transana . An alternative program for home use is TranscriberAG.

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