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Further information about XML

There is a lot of information available about XML, both in print and on the internet. Below are a small number of digital publications that you can use to learn more about XML or gain basic practical skills in XML. They are all suitable for beginners

XML voor beginners (Microsoft)
Introduction to the basics of XML. Also includes information about how some Microsoft Office programs use XML.

A Gentle Introduction to XML (C. M. Sperberg-McQueen and L. Burnard, 2007)
Good introduction to using XML. This introduction was made in the context of the Text Encoding Initiative, an application of XML developed for the humanities.

XML tutorial (W3 Schools)
Comprehensive tutorial about many aspects of XML.

Practicum Introductie XML (Eric Akkerman, Faculty of Humanities, VU Amsterdam)
Quick practical exercises that can be used to practise working with dtds and document instances.
practice files (download and decompress before using) and the reference document Basic principles of XML.

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