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Brief description

The Media Lab is a research lab for researchers in the Faculty of Humanities and the Faculty of Social Sciences. There are two separate areas, which can be used to perform various types of research. In the first area (11B-09), there are 8 cubicles with a pc, as well as a control pc for the researcher. Participants can individually participate in experiments on the computer. There is also a cubicle with an eye tracker for research in which eye movements are measured.

The other area (11B-10) is a common room with a large meeting table and 10 computers and 10 telephone headsets on separate tables. There are also 2 observation cameras, as well as recording equipment. This space can be used to conduct telephone surveys, coding work, or recording group discussions, for example.


See the planning form.
Student access to the Media Lab must always be granted by teaching staff.

More information

Medialab website. Here you can find the documentation for the Media Lab, among other things.

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