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This website originates from the Werkbank Geesteswetenschappen (in Dutch), which was translated into English and restructured and expanded in 2017. The original website is no longer maintained and is archived here.

Contents: Eric Akkerman.
With contributions by Ben Stuyvenberg, Onno Huber, Lonneke Geerlings, Wilco van den Heuvel, Anne van Hilst, Monique Lamers, Marca van Schasfoort and Leon van Wissen.

Ben Stuyvenberg (b.f. stuyvenberg at and Erika Kuijpers (h.m.e.p. kuijpers at
You are cordially invited to mail us your comments and suggestions for additions and improvements.

Translation of the original Dutch website: Mark Hannay.
N.B. After translation, certain texts have been edited and new texts have been added.

Technical realization: Onno Huber.

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