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Dutch collections

The following websites offer access to a number of important, large collections of digitized source material in the Netherlands. All this material is publicly available.

Logo Delpher Delpher
Delpher contains millions of digitized texts from Dutch newspapers, books and magazines, which can all be searched word for word. The texts come from the collections of various scientific institutes, libraries and cultural heritage institutions

De Digitale Bibliotheek voor de Nederlandse Letteren is a website about Dutch literature, language and cultural history that contains thousands of literary texts, secondary literature and additional information, such as as biographies and audiovisual material. Note: the DBNL is also included in Delpher.

Logo EDBO Early Dutch Books Online
EDBO contains more than two million digitized pages from books printed in the years 1781-1800 in the Dutch language area. Note: EDBO is also included in Delpher.

The RKD Netherlands Institute for Art History strives to provide knowledge and information on Netherlandish art in an international context. It has a number of collections, one of which is an image database (RKDimage), which contains more than six million digital and analogue photographs. The emphasis of the collection is on Dutch and Flemish art from the Late Middle Ages till the present day.

Logo GvNL Het Geheugen van Nederland
Het Geheugen van Nederland (The Memory of the Netherlands) aims to digitize the (hidden) collections of archives, museums and libraries and make them available on the Internet.

You can search large amounts of digitized archival material on the website, where you'll find 79 participating archival services, more than 64 million descriptions of archival records (of over more than 37 million people) and the addresses of more than 2550 historical institutions.

Overview of Dutch historical sources, published by period, subject, source type and institution.

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