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Brief description

XMLPad is a (freeware) XML editor that can make and edit XML annotations in a text. XMLPad can also be used to edit document type definitions (DTDs) and other XML-related documents, and to check if a DTD is correct and whether a marked XML document conforms to the appropriate DTD. XMLPad can also produce a graphical representation of the element structure of a DTD document, as well as a document instance.

Manual and practical introduction

There is no separate manual available for this program. Instead, you can use the built-in help feature.

Akkerman, Eric (2006). Practical manual for XMLPad.      Internal publication of the Faculty of Arts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.


XMLPad is not available on VU PCs. The program is available for personal use free of charge at Note: the freeware version is called WmHelp XmlPad for Windows.

Further remarks

It is recommended that you always make XML annotations based on a pre-defined DTD or schema. The faculty ICT Support Unit can provide assistance in the design and implementation of these DTDs.

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