Overview of text corpora in the Faculty of Humanities


This section provides a number of references to introductory text books on corpus linguistics. All titles are available at the UBVU or on-line.

Adolphs, Svenja (2006). Introducing electronic text analysis: a practical guide for language and literary studies. London & New York: Routledge. This introductory book presents the study of text and discourse carried out with the use of text corpora. More information

Biber, D., R. Reppen and S. Conrad (1998). Corpus linguistics: investigating language structure and use. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. More information

Hunston, S. (2002). Corpora in applied linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
Both an introduction to corpus linguistics and an overview of the use of corpora in applied linguistics. More information

Kennedy, G. (1998). An introduction to corpus linguistics. London & New York: Longman. More information

Lemnitzer, L. and Zinsmeister, H. (2006). Korpuslinguistik: eine Einführung. Tübingen: Narr. More information

McEnery, T. and A. Wilson (1996). Corpus linguistics. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Revised edition in 2001 More information (web site includes excerpts from the book).

McEnery, T., R. Xiao and Y. Tono (2006). Corpus-based language studies: an advanced resource book. London & New York: Routledge. Companion website.

Meyer, C.F. (2002). English corpus linguistics: an introduction. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. More information

Wynne, M. (ed.) (2005). Developing linguistic corpora: a guide to good practice. Oxford: Oxbow Books. Available online from http://ota.ahds.ac.uk/documents/creating/dlc/

In Benjamins' series Studies in Corpus Linguistics, a number of relevant monographs have appeared, which are all available at the UBVU.

International Journal of Corpus Linguistics
IJCL presents a wide range of views on the role of corpus linguistics in language research, lexicography and natural language processing (NLP). The electronic version of this journal is avalaible through the website of the UBVU (section e-journals).