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Dutch Parallel Corpus

Official name:Dutch Parallel Corpus
Common name:DPC
Language:Multilingual; Dutch; English; French
Language type:written
Corpus type:parallel; translation
Description:The DPC-corpus (Dutch Parallel Corpus) is a parallel corpus of 10 million words containing the language pairs Dutch - English and Dutch - French. It is bidirectional, containing texts in which Dutch is the source language and texts in which it is the target language. Part of the corpus consists of Dutch texts with translation in both English and French. The DPC is alligned on sentence level and is enriched with linguistic annotations.
Exploration:The corpus can be explored either as a full text resource or as a web search interface.
Annotation:part of speech; inflection; lemma
Metadata:All text material included in DPC is provided with metadata at different levels, consisting of two parts: text-related data and translation-related data.
Origin:Katholieke Universiteit Leuven Campus Kortrijk, Hogeschool Gent
Location:Web search interface:
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Name:Dutch Parallel Corpus User Manual
Description:This manual contains a detailed description of the design principles underlying DPC and the different stages of data-processing. The exploitation and web interface are discussed and illustrated with various examples.
Name:Website DPC-project
Description:Brief introduction to the corpus project, providing links to publications and presentations.

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