Corpus details

International Corpus of English, British component

Official name:International Corpus of English, British component
Common name:ICE-GB
Language type:written; spoken
Corpus type:general / reference
Size:1,000,000 words
Description:ICE-GB consists of a million words of spoken and written English from different text categories. 200 Written and 300 spoken texts make up the million words. Every text is grammatically annotated in the form of syntactic tree structures, permitting complex and detailed searches across the whole corpus. ICE-GB contains 83,394 parse trees, including 59,640 in the spoken part of the corpus.
Exploration:For exploration of ICE-GB, the program ICECUP is required. This is available on all faculty pc's.
Annotation:part of speech; syntaxis
Metadata:Speaker information available.
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Name:Website ICE-GB
Description:Website of the UCL survey of English Usage
Name:International Corpus of English
Description:Overall project website

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