Overview of text corpora in the Faculty of Humanities


Logo CLARIN CLARIN is the short name for the Common Language Resources and Technology Infrastructure, which aims at providing easy and sustainable access for scholars in the humanities and social sciences to digital language data (in written, spoken, video or multimodal form) and advanced tools to discover, explore, exploit, annotate, analyse or combine them, independent of where they are located. To this end CLARIN is in the process of building a networked federation of European data repositories, service centres and centres of expertise, with single sign-on access for all members of the academic community in all participating countries. Tools and data from different centres will be interoperable, so that data collections can be combined and tools from different sources can be chained to perform complex operations to support researchers in their work. At this moment the CLARIN infrastructure is still under construction, but a number of participating centres are already offering access services to data, tools and expertise.
(Source: http://www.clarin.eu/ [Accessed on 29-01-2014]).

The CLARIN-NL project is a large national project in the Netherlands (2009-2015) which aims to make a significant contribution to the European CLARIN infrastructure. The CLARIN infrastructure is a research infrastructure intended for humanities researchers that work with language data and tools. The researcher will be able to find data and tools relevant for his/her research via the CLARIN infrastructure and get access to them. We also aim to make it possible to apply tools to data in such a way that no technical background is needed or ad-hoc adaptations to the tools or the data are necessary.
The researcher's research project may result in new data and tools, which he/she can make available to other researchers via the CLARIN infrastructure. The CLARIN research infrastructure will thus make humanities research related to language easier, faster, better, and in some cases even possible for the first time.
(Source: http://www.clarin.nl/ [Accessed on 29-01-2014]).

Staff and students of VU University Amsterdam can access all CLARIN resources and services that require login with their VU-net-id.

Useful links

Website of the European CLARIN organization, containing mainly general and organizational information.

Website of Clarin-NL, the Dutch branch of the European CLARIN organisation.

Data, Tools, Demonstrators and applications in the CLARIN infrastructure
Here you find a list of data, tools, demonstrators and applications that are results of CLARIN-NL's subprojects and that are included or will soon be included in the CLARIN infrastructure.

The CLARIN INL portal presents (in Dutch) a list of products and tools that are provided by the Instituut voor Nederlandse Lexicologie (INL), like the Corpus Gysseling, the VU-DNC-corpus and IMDI (CGN/IFA corpora).

CLARIN Resources Overview
Resources and tools in the CLARIN LRT inventory, a database with descriptions of resources (corpora, lexicons, applications/tools, web services, etc.). N.B. De database does not only refer to resources that are accessible through CLARIN's infrastructure, but also to offline material, for which contact information is provided.