NasDat is a database that was designed to identify the parameters involved in Nasal Harmony (NH) systems, as well as the conditions that could explain or favour its existence in a given language. In view of this aim, and bearing in mind the way in which harmony systems have been described in the modern phonological literature, a number of phonetic, phonological, and other grammatical categories are listed that are known, expected, or just speculated to be involved in the operation of NH systems. Other attrinutes in the database provide information about the phonological systems in which NH functions, in an attempt to discover possible relations between NH and other properties of the phonological grammar in which it operates.

This website offers an interface to the web version of NasDat, allowing you to perform a number of predefined queries on the data. In due time, researchers who want to have full control over the database can download a version in Microsoft Access or csv-format from this website.

NasDat is meant to be a joint project: only a limited number of language descriptions will be provided by the hosting organisation. Researchers in the field are cordially invited to feed the database with their own data (see under Submit data).