The copyright of the NasDat database remains with

If you have any technical questions regarding the database, you can contact Eric Akkerman. If you have questions regarding the contents of the database, please contact Leo Wetzels.

The large majority of the data that are stored in NasDat are taken from the public domain, mostly from published books and articles, the references of which are always listed in the data-base in the relevant language record, together with the name of the linguist who has stored the data. We will assume that no copyrights are at issue regarding the free use of such data. Data that are not published elsewhere can only be listed in NasDat by the person who collected the data through his/her own fieldwork or by someone with that person's permission and by adding a statement that publication is done with the consent of the speech community where the data were collected. Linguists who use data taken from NasDat in their publications are requested to acknowledge the use of NASDAT and to mention the linguist responsible for the storage of the data that were used.

The website is hosted by the Faculty of Arts of VU University Amsterdam, the Netherlands.