Corpus details

Corpus of Global Web-Based English

Official name:Corpus of Global Web-Based English
Common name:GloWbE
Language type:written
Corpus type:genre specific; dialect
Size:1.9 billion words
Description:The Corpus of Global Web-Based English (GloWbE) is 1.9 billion words in size, and is based on 1.8 million web pages (including blogs) from 20 different English-speaking countries (US, UK, NZ, India, Hong Kong, etc). The GloWbE interface offers the ability to see the frequency of any word, phrase, or grammatical construction in each of the 20 different countries. You can also compare any features in two sets of dialects, such as British and American English (in more than 775 million words of text for just these two dialects). Or you could just limit your search to one or two countries (e.g. Australia (148 million words), South Africa (45 million), or Singapore (43 million)).
Exploration:The website offers an online search interface.
Annotation:part of speech
Material:web pages
Origin:Mark Davies, Brigham Young University. Release date April 2013.
Reference:Davies, Mark. (2013) Corpus of Global Web-Based English: 1.9 billion words from speakers in 20 countries. Available online at

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