Corpus details

Academic Discourse Verbal Interactions Corpus

Official name:Academic Discourse Verbal Interactions Corpus
Common name:ADVICe
Language:English (New Zealand academic English)
Language type:spoken
Corpus type:genre specific
Size:26 meetings; 157.528 words
Description:ADVICe is a small single-genre corpus of spoken university English in New Zealand context. It consists of transcribed and morphologically annotated recordings of advisory sessions (office hours, supervisory meetings etc.) between students and lecturers at the University of Auckland.
Exploration:Online search interface
Annotation:part of speech
Origin:Vaclav Brezina, Department of Applied Language Studies and Linguistics University of Auckland.
Details:At the moment, the annotated version of the corpus (CLAWS-tagged) is only available offline. Please contact Vaclav Brezina for further information.
Contact:Vaclav Brezina (v.brezina at
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Description:Information about the ADVICe corpus.

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