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Translational English Corpus

Official name:Translational English Corpus
Common name:TEC
Language type:written
Corpus type:genre specific; translation
Period:20th century
Size:10 million words
Description:TEC is a corpus of contemporary translational English: it consists of written texts translated into English from a variety of source languages, European and non-European. The corpus consists of four subcorpora: fiction, biography, news and inflight magazines. TEC is meticulously documented in terms of extralinguistic features such as gender, nationality and occupation of the translator, direction of translation, source language, publisher of the translated text, etc. This information is held in a separate header file for each text. The concordancing software is designed to make the information in the header file available to the researcher at a glance.
Exploration:TEC can be accessed freely via the web, using a custom-built concordancer which is downloadable from the web at
Origin:Mona Baker, Centre for Translation & Intercultural Studies at Manchester University.
Location:Internet, see above.
Details:TEC has supported a broad range of studies in two main areas: the way in which the patterning of translated text might be different from that of non-translated text in the same language, and stylistic variation across individual translators. Examples of both types of study can be found in the selected bibliography that can be fopund at the project's website.
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Name:Project site
Description:Brief description of TEC.

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