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Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina

Official name:Bibliotheca Teubneriana Latina
Common name:BTL
Language type:written
Corpus type:historical language
Size:8,5 million Latin words, up to 400 authors and over 800 texts (BTL-2)
Description:Full text database containing the Bibliotheca scriptorum Romanorum Teubneriana, the complete standard texts (without Praefatio and Apparatus Criticus of ca. 200 Roman authors from the period 300 BC till 500 AD, from Plautus till Martianus Capella.
Exploration:The search routine enables you to search for an unlimited number of words or word forms in the whole or in a selected part of the text corpus. All search results can be visualised and exported to the Windows clipboard, to a file or printed.
Origin:Saur and Brepols
Edition:Brepols, ed. 2004
Details:Restricted use due to copyright restrictions. Please contact Mieke Koenen for further information.
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Name:About BTL
Description:Information about the BTL-2 on the website of Brepols (the publisher)

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