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Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English

Official name:Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English
Common name:WCS
Language:English (New Zealand English)
Language type:spoken
Corpus type:dialect
Period:1988 - 1994
Size:1.000.000 words
Description:This corpus consists of 2,000 word extracts (where possible) and comprises different proportions of formal, semi-formal and informal speech. Both monologue and dialogue categories are included and there is broadcast as well as private material collected in a range of settings.
Exploration:The corpus consists of plain text files and can be explored with standard exploration software like WordSmith and Windows Grep.
Fragmentation:text fragments
<O>laughs</O> i think we'd have to have a full scale restructuring of our <,,> our education system probably to start with
i mean i think the glories of our education system are not to be <&>6:00</&> um scoffed at
Location:Faculty network, folder G:\LET\data\Corpora\Engels\WcNZEs
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Name:Reference guide
Description:Guide to The Wellington Corpus of Spoken New Zealand English

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