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Official name:C-Oral-Rom
Language:Multilingual; Spanish; French; Italian; Portugese
Language type:spoken
Corpus type:comparable
Size:1.200.000 words
Description:Multilingual corpus of spontaneous speech for four romance languages: French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish. The orthographic transcription is enriched with the tagging of terminal and non terminal prosodic breaks. Text and speech are synchronized; the alignment can be explored with the WIN PITCH CORPUS software which is provided with the CD-ROM.
Exploration:Software on CD-ROM
Metadata:Session metadata
Sound files:yes
Reference:Cresti, E. and M. Moneglia (eds) (2005). C-ORAL-ROM: integrated reference corpora for spoken Romance languages. Amsterdam: Benjamins
Location:UBVU; see UBVU catalogue
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Name:C-ORAL-ROM project website
Description:Project website, with information about the subcorpora. Includes a tutorial

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