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Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English

Official name:Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English
Common name:MICASE
Language:English (Academic English)
Language type:spoken
Corpus type:sociolect
Period:1997 - 2001
Size:152 transcripts, totallling 1,848,364 words
Description:The MICASE corpus is a spoken language corpus of contemporary university speech within the microcosm of the University of Michigan. This is a typical large public research university with about 37,000 students, approximately one-third of whom are graduate students. Speakers represented in the corpus include faculty, staff, and all levels of students, and both native and non-native speakers.
Exploration:The website offers an on-line search interface, allowing you to (i) browse the corpus according to specified speaker and speech attributes, returning quick file references and (ii) search the corpus for words or phrases in specified contexts, returning concordance results with references to files, full utterances, and speakers.
Transcription:orthografic; prosodic
Metadata:Speaker information
Sound files:Sound files are available on-line
Origin:University of Michigan
Reference:Simpson, R. C., S. L. Briggs, J. Ovens, and J. M. Swales (2002). The Michigan Corpus of Academic Spoken English. Ann Arbor, MI: The Regents of the University of Michigan.
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Name:MICASE homepage
Description:Information about the corpus and about using MICASE.

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