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Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech

Official name:Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech
Common name:SCOTS
Language:English (Scottish)
Language type:written; spoken
Corpus type:dialect
Period:1945 - 2007
Size:1100 texts and a total of over 4 million words (6-6-2012)
Description:A collection of Scottish English and Scots texts. The corpus aims to give a full and accurate picture of the complex linguistic situation which exists in Scotland today. Genres include informal correspondence, prose fiction and non-fiction, poetry, religious texts and administrative/political texts. 80% Of the corpus is made up of written texts and 20% is made up of spoken texts, which are provided in the form of an orthographic transcription, synchronised with the source audio or video.
Exploration:The website offers an Advanced Search System, which fully exploits SCOTS' extensive sociolinguistic metadata by allowing the user to build up a search profile specifying sociolinguistic or textual criteria.
Fragmentation:full texts
Sound files:A number of spoken texts (conversations and interviews) are available as audio/video files with synchronised orthographic transcriptions.
Details:Work in progress (both the size of the corpus and the exploration facilities will be expanded in future).
The most actual version of QuickTime is needed to access the mutlimedia content.
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Name:SCOTS Project
Description:Website SCOTS Project (home page offers a quick search facility)

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