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ESF Corpus

Official name:ESF Corpus
Language:Multilingual; Dutch; German
Language type:spoken
Corpus type:special purpose
Description:The European Science Foundation Second Language Acquisition by Adult Immigrants collected spontaneous second language acquisition data of forty adult immigrant workers living in Western Europe. The program ran over 5 ½ years and was preceded by a one-year pilot study. It had been planned as a longitudinal comparative study in five European countries: France, (Federal Republic of) Germany, Great Britain, The Netherlands, and Sweden. The Dutch part of the corpus consists of material from speakers with Arabic and Turkish as their native language.
Sound files:Links to sounds files (not all available)
Reference:Feldweg, H. (1991). The European Science Foundation Second Language Database. Nijmegen: Max-Planck-Institute for Psycholinguistics.
Location:Browsable ESF-corpus
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