Waalwijk, Canonesses Regular: Our Lady
The Neo-Byzantine church of St John the Baptist occupies the place of the convent of Nazareth. The Baroque gate inserted in the tower originates from that convent Full Map on Geoplaza.
Parish: Waalwijk
Municipality: Waalwijk
Patron Saint: Our Lady
Alias: Nazareth
Diocese: Li├Ęge
Diocese II: 's-Hertogenbosch
Province: Brabant
Province II: Brabant (Spaans, later Staats)
Gender: f
Development: (a) Tertiaries 1450* or 1454* ?
(b) Canonesses Regular 1471* ?; Chapter of Venlo 1485*
( c) in the period of the Republic protection by the Nassau family which had several daughters in the convent
(d) 1716* departure of part of the sisters to Kortessem (B)
Filiation: founded with the help of the convent of St Mary Magdalen at Amsterdam (A32) St Agnes' Convent of Dordrecht (D41)
End of monastic life: 1733* : departure for Antwerp (B)
Narrative Sources (CK): -
Narrative Sources (NS): -
Manuscripts (SV): -
Archives: -
Literature: Van Dijk (red.) (1982) 26; Van Dijk (1986) 599
Third Order: -
Monasticon Batavum: I 194-195; S 162 nr. 1; II 201
MeMO: 432
Van Deventer:
National monument: 444705
Coordinates: 133/411A
Archaeological Monument: 16815 (tc)
Archaeological Status: hav
Archaeological Activities: complementary inquiry 2002
Archaeological Publication: Van der Weerden (2003a+b)
First mention: 1450
Last mention: 1733
ENK code: ME-Z102-090

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