Thesinge, Benedictine double monastery: Germania
The monastic church - reduced in size and adapted - continued to function as village church Full Map on Geoplaza.
Parish: Thesinge
Municipality: Ten Boer
Patron Saint: Felicitas
Alias: Germania
Diocese: M√ľnster
Diocese II: Groningen
Province: Ommelanden
Province II:
Gender: m/f
Development: (a) double monastery: Benedictine Monks and Nuns 1283
incorporation of Ten Boer (B23) between 1465 and 1485
Filiation: the ascription to Hathubrand (see H80) probably is apocryphal
End of monastic life: 1584*: ruined, the inhabitants move to their refuge in Groningen; definitive departure not before 1602*
Narrative Sources (CK): -
Narrative Sources (NS): -
Manuscripts (SV): 1161-1164
Archives: Groningen, GrA: 172
Literature: Tromp (1989) 17-19; Nip (1989a); Hillenga (2011a); Roemeling (2013) 112; 132; 142
Third Order: -
Monasticon Batavum: III 116
MeMO: -
Van Deventer:
National monument: 9795
Coordinates: 239/587B
Archaeological Monument: 320+11672+15212
Archaeological Status: vhavp
Archaeological Activities: excav 1964; excav 1973; drill inquiry 1993 and 2002; find 2000; surveillance2002/3
Archaeological Publication: Koopstra and Huisman (2003)
First mention: 1283
Last mention: 1602
ENK code: ME-P003-097; ME-Z011-020

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