Heveskes, Hospitaller Knights and Nuns: Oosterwierum
On the edge of Delfzijl harbour Full Map on Geoplaza.
Parish: Heveskes
Municipality: Delfzijl
Patron Saint: -
Alias: Oosterwierum
Diocese: Münster
Diocese II: Groningen
Province: Ommelanden
Province II:
Gender: m/f
Development: (a) double monastery of Hospitaller Knights and Nuns 1319
(b) an attempt in 1480* to expel the nuns presumably failed
Filiation: dependent on Steinfurt (G)
End of monastic life: (a) 1583* fire and flight to the refuge in Groningen; (b) 1607*: the last commander deceases, the possessions are taken by the Ommelanden province
Narrative Sources (CK): -
Narrative Sources (NS): -
Manuscripts (SV): -
Archives: Groningen, GrA: 172
Literature: Tromp (1989) 69-72; Noordhuis (1990); Mol (1998a); Mol (2006) 196-199; Versélewel de Witt Hamer (2009a); Hillenga (2011d); Mol (2011) 60-66; Roemeling (2013) 113; 126; 135vv;
Third Order: -
Monasticon Batavum: II 148 nr. 1 s.v. Oosterwierum
MeMO: -
Van Deventer:
National monument: 45313
Coordinates: 261/592C
Archaeological Monument: 357+11824
Archaeological Status: vhavp
Archaeological Activities: excav 1982-1988; drill inquiry (field inventory) 2014, complementary inquiry inquiry and field inventory 2015
Archaeological Publication: Boersma (1988); Noordhuis (1990) 75-78; Dijk (2014), (2015) and (2016)
First mention: 1319
Last mention: 1607
ENK code: ME-P056-024; ME-Z204-006

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